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Elevate your home's safety with our professional installation service for new smoke and heat alarms. At Home Exeter, we supply and install high-quality market-leading detection devices that provide a maintenance-free service for 10 years. Our skilled team ensures that installations are carried out with precision and care, minimising damage to decorated walls and leaving a tidy and neat finish. Following installation, our engineers conduct thorough testing to guarantee the correct functioning of the system. Trust us to deliver an affordable, reliable, and efficient solution to enhance the safety of your home. Contact us today for a free quote.

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smoke and heat alarms exeter

What is the difference between a smoke and a heat alarm?

Smoke alarms detect smoke and at least one alarm should be fitted on each floor of your property. Heat alarms are not as sensitive but are a good option for rooms that create smoke and steam such as kitchens and bathrooms. Heat alarms are designed to operate when the room reaches a certain temperature and not activated when you burn the toast!

Smoke / Heat Alarms FAQs

Frequent Questions by Customers

If your smoke alarms are going off for seemingly no reason the system is likely to be trying to tell you that there is a fault, the back-up battery/s are getting low or the recommended date of replacement has expired (most smoke alarms last for 10 years)

It is recommended that smoke detectors are installed on each level of your property including basements as a minimum requirement, however you should consider smoke detection in any room where there is a chance a fire could start.

If you have existing mains wired smoke alarms that are out of date, it is a relatively straight forward job to replace these with new fittings. It should take roughly 30 minutes to replace each alarm.

If your smoke alarms are entirely battery powered it is fairly straight forward to fit/replace these yourself. It is just a case of selecting a suitable location (usually noted in instruction book) and screwing to the ceiling.

If your smoke alarms are mains powered we would not recommended replacing these yourself.

If we are replacing existing smoke alarms there will be very little disruption. It is simply a case of isolating the power, removing the old unit and fitting the new unit.

If installing a new mains wired smoke alarm system from scratch it may cause slightly more disruption, however there are wireless options when it comes to linking the alarms to each other. It would often just be a case of running a cable from the nearest light to each new smoke alarm and then interlinking them wirelessly.

It would cost £155+VAT to replace 2x mains smoke alarms with new mains smoke alarms with 10yr lithium battery back up.

It would cost £450+VAT to wire a simple mains smoke alarm system with 1x mains smoke alarm in the hall, 1x mains smoke alarm on the landing and a heat alarm in the kitchen, wirelessly interlinked. (This would be the best case scenario providing we can take a supply from the nearest light fitting) – The best option would be for us to come out and give you a free quote.

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