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At Home Exeter, we offer a thorough EV charger installation service that will power up your electric vehicle. We offer an extensive array of customised solutions to fulfill all of your electric vehicle charging requirements. We make sure your charging station is dependable, effective, and prepared to meet your EV's needs by using industry-leading equipment. Our solutions enable quick and easy charging at home by blending in smoothly with your everyday schedule.

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Optimise Your Charging with Smart Technology in Exeter

With the addition of solar power and intelligent technologies, you can improve the EV charging experience while reducing your carbon footprint and optimising efficiency. At Home Exeter, we go above and beyond basic installations to build an energy-efficient, sustainable charging environment that fits your needs and budget. You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to deliver a customised, cost-effective service that improves your EV ownership experience.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Installation FAQs

Frequent Questions by Customers

Electrical vehicle charging can be carried out using either a dedicated home charging point that can offer high speed charging. Or vehicles can be charged using a 3-pin plug however this is much slower and does not necessarily offer the same safety features.

Although it is possible to charge an electric vehicle from an existing 13A plug socket, it is not advisable. A specific EV charger is safer and can charge your vehical much quicker than a standard 13A plug socket.

With a standard 7KW EV charge point it is possible to charge your vehicle from empty to full in is as little as 8 hours, depending on the capacity of your vehicle.

Any approved electrician can install an EV charge point. They will however need to be part of a governing body such as NICEIC in order to provide certification for the install.

A new supply cable is taken either from your existing consumer unit (depending on condition and capacity) or from meter cupboard/box. The cable is typically run in armoured cable (unless possible to route cable inside. We then mount and install the EV charger, energise, test and set-up. Typically the installation element of the job takes approximately 2-4 hours depending on the distance the charge point is from your consumer unit/meter.

There should be very little disruption as most work is on the outside of the building and power to the property should be able to remain on for the majority of the install.

It would cost around £1000+VAT – For this we would supply all materials (including myenergi zappi car charger), install and setup equipment and issue all necessary certification and building notification

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