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Make sure your property is safe with our affordable and reliable gas safety check service. Meeting the yearly need for gas safety checks is crucial for landlords, and Home Exeter has you covered. Our dedicated team provides a swift and reliable service, ensuring that compliance certificates are delivered to customers often on the same day, and always within 24 hours. We understand the critical nature of these checks in maintaining tenant safety and legal compliance.

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Ensuring Compliance

Safety with Our Exeter Gas Inspection Services

Our affordable prices guarantee that you will get high-quality service without compromising on price and going over budget. You can rely on us to perform in-depth inspections and make sure your gas appliances meet the required standards. We provide you peace of mind by providing all the paperwork and certifications required for compliance.

Make sure your homes are gas safe and boilers are compliant by getting in touch with us to arrange your yearly gas safety inspection.

Gas Safety Check FAQs

Frequent Questions by Customers

A gas safety check is an inspection carried out by a qualified and trained professional (a Gas Safe registered engineer) to ensure that all gas appliances and flues in a property are functioning safely and efficiently. The check includes a thorough examination of all gas appliances, such as boilers, cookers, and fires, as well as the flue and ventilation systems. The engineer will check for any signs of wear and tear, leaks, or other problems that could potentially be dangerous. They will also check the appliances are properly installed and are being used correctly, and will check the ventilation to ensure it is adequate and that the flue is clear.

You will need to have a gas safety check if you are a landlord renting a property or even letting a room to show that the property is safe to live in and the appliances are safe to use.

This is a legal requirement for all landlords but is also highly recommended on any kind of property.

A faulty gas appliance could be liable to omit carbon monoxide which is often undetectable by smell, site or taste and can be fatal.

The gas engineer will provide a certificate (CP12) upon completion of the work.

For Landlords, it is a legal requirement that a gas safety check is carried out every 12 months.

A typical gas safety check will take between 20 minutes -1 hour depending on how many appliances are in the property.

Any gas safety check needs to be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. These can be found on the Gas Safe register website.

The engineer will also need to be qualified to check certain appliances. All engineers are required to carry ID with their qualification on the back and you can always ask to see this as evidence if you are unsure.

All Gas Safe engineers have been trained and inspected and und

The gas engineer will check that all appliances are operating correctly and the appliance surroundings meet current regulation.

The engineer will check flues, make sure seals are in good condition, safety devices are working correctly, there is adequate ventilation and the gas pressures are to manufacturers’ requirements.

Finally a gas tightness test will be carried out at the gas meter to check for leaks on the whole installation. Any faults or defects found will be noted on the certificate and any major issues will be addressed straight away to make sure the property is left safe.

In general, a gas safety check does not cause much disruption.

The engineer will need access to all gas appliances including the gas meter as well as access to the garden and loft space in some cases to inspect the flues.

A gas safety check costs £85 plus VAT with an emailed certificate issued upon completion.

It is important to have a gas safety check carried out at least once a year, and should be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This will ensure that all gas appliances and flues in the property are safe and in good working order, and can help to prevent dangerous situations such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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