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Over time, many central heating systems will gather debris and other unwanted materials throughout the various radiators and pipes in your home. As your system is always drawing in and circulating water, it is highly likely that your system will have at least some debris inside over sustained operation. When this build-up becomes too great, the performance of your system can be adversely affected, resulting in loss of performance, unreliable heating, and other issues such as unwanted noise from your boiler or cold spots across individual radiators. This can be avoided through the process of flushing your system.

Flushing a central heating system is the process of emptying the system of water and cleaning the interior. There are a number of ways to achieve this, the most common way is using a power flush or Magnacleanse machine.

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WHY DO I NEED A HEATING SYSTEM FLUSH and how long does it take?

You would need a system flush if you are experiencing any of the following in your home:

⁃ Radiators not heating up

⁃ Cold spots on radiators 

⁃ Noisy boiler or radiators 

⁃ Having a new boiler installed 

A standard flush on a 7 radiator system would usually take a full day. 

System Flush FAQs

Frequent Questions by Customers

The engineer will set up the flushing machine, ideally outside and run hoses to the boiler area or a radiator. They will need to access all the radiators so they can isolate them when needed. Once all the radiators and pipework has been flushed the system will be filled with inhibitor and fully tested.

The engineer will explain where they will be working before they start. They need to access all the radiators and the boiler. They may also need to access the loft if you have loft tanks. The engineer will need to move from room to room throughout the day.

A full heating system flush including up to 12 radiators will cost £460 plus VAT

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